Case Testimony

Case Testimony

“I came to Denmark in 2015 because my two children were staying in Denmark. After my visa expired, I had to leave and go back but I decided to stay because I never wanted to leave my children at a young age. In 2016 I went and applied for asylum and I was rejected so I had to be deported back to my country. Even though I had given the authorities all the documents needed they didn’t recognize the fact that I have children in Denmark who needs their mother. I know there are hundreds of people especially women who are going through the same situation like mine. Never lose hope! 

In 2019 my lawyer Marianne Vølund recommended me to seek help from Vores Asylbørn. Vores Asylbørn helps families, who come to Denmark seeking asylum or families that have their relatives staying in Denmark. This organization took over my case and filed in my application for family unification. I am really happy and grateful because their services were rendered to me for free.

The organization became my family because they helped me with social help for my son and they also introduced me to new friends who always visited me in the camp I was staying. They checked on me very often to see how I was doing.

Vores Asylbørn changed my life for good. I am really happy that I got my permission to stay in Denmark. I am happy because I am able to see and be with my children now.

I am appealing to whomever is reading this especially single mothers and also other people who might need help while staying in Denmark.

Please look for this organization. Their doors are open to everyone and they are waiting for you. If you are in any bad situation seek them for help. I am happy and grateful and I am their family and they are my family too. God bless.” 



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