Become a volunteer

Do you want to become a volunteer at Vores Asylbørn?

As a volunteer you commit to work 2 hours a week on days and times that suits you for a minimum of 6 months at the time. Moverover you commit to attend the monthly volunteer meetings, which typically are on Thursdays from 18-19.30. The meetings take place in Copenhagen.

Regardless of the task you do, you must agree with the guidelines and values of the association as well as give consent that we collect your child certificate. Other than that, the association offers a mini course in “Foreign law, asylum process and tendencies” for all new volunteers.

What to do as a volunteer?

Contact person team

You can be a part of the contact person team, which acts as caregivers for the asylum children during the whole asylum process.

The tasks are both helping with homework and companionship etc. As a contact person you will be connected to one child/family. In case of particularly vulnerable children/families, there will be more contact persons connected.

As a contact person, you are committing to spend 2 hours a week on volunteer work on average.

Legal team

You will be a part of our legal team that provides counseling and representation in asylum and residence cases.

As a caseworker, you will cooperate with many different actors, including the immigration authorities, immigration lawyers, municipalities, asylum centers etc. Moreover, you will go through a longer training course, so that you in the long run are capable of handling your own cases.

As a legal advisor, you are committing to spend 6 hours a week on volunteer work, though it might vary depending on the case load. The legal team meet up every Friday from 10–16, were you have to be able to attend.


You will be a part of our PR-team, which has the important job to speak up about the living conditions and faiths of asylum children on Facebook, our website and via our newsletter. You will be in contact with the asylum children and families, who have cooperated with Vores Asylbørn via the Contact Person Team and/or the Legal team. Also, you will be a part of organizing political campaigns that serve the purpose of promoting the welfare and development of asylum children in Denmark.

As part of the communication team you are committing to spend 2 hours a week on the volunteer work on average.

Sign up

If you want to volunteer with us, send an application (maximum 1 page) about your motivation and your desired area of work to: