Need help?

Are you an asylum seeker in need of help?

You can get legal advice in your asylum case regardless of whether you are in phase 1, phase 2 or phase 3

We offer:

– Advice in relation to going to an interview with the Danish Immigration Service and the Refugee Board

– A review of your refusal of a residence permit and help in applying for the reopening of your case

You can get legal advice in your case about your child/children

We offer:

– Counseling if you are not allowed to see your child/children (if the other parent does not allow visitation or if the municipality does not allow it).

You can get help to support your child/children in their well-being or be supported while you are in Denmark as an unaccompanied child

Once we have started a counseling process with you, you will be offered one or more contact persons who will be connected with your child/you. The contact person’s task is to support you and provide care while you are in Denmark.

You can get help and support to promote better conditions and legislation in the area of ​​asylum

You find that concrete rules in Denmark harm your child/children’s well-being and development, which you would like help to change.

Framework for our cooperation:


We are always honest with you and expect you to be as well.


We do not share information about your case with others, unless it is something you agree to.


Since we give ourselves wholeheartedly in all our matters, we expect you not to cooperate with others, unless it is something we agree on together.

Hvordan får jeg hjælp?

Du kan komme forbi til vores gratis drop-in rådgivning hver anden fredag i ulige uger. Læs mere her.

Du kan skrive en email på

Du kan skrive til os på vores Facebookside Vores Asylbørn

Du kan ringe til os på +45 28 59 46 71

Hvis du ikke taler dansk, engelsk eller farsi/dari, så sørg for at en anden kontakter os på dine vegne i første omgang.

How do I get help?

You can stop by for our free drop-in legal advice every Friday in odd weeks. Read more here.

You can write an email to

You can write us via our Facebook site Vores Asylbørn

You can call us via +45 28 59 46 71

If you do not speak Danish, English, or Farsi/Dari we advise you to find a translator who will contact us on your behalf.

Al vores hjælp er gratis! / All our help is for free!